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About Us

Our trained specialists will help you every step of the way. At Risk Insurance Services we value your time and appreciate your business.
Our development as a Retail Agency and Physical Damage MGA is a result of combined Transportation Management experience of over 20 years and a desire to meet the growing needs of our Motor Carrier client base and parent company, US 1 Industries (www.us1industries.com).

Our client base includes Motor Carries of all sizes and profiles with a distinct expertise in designing risk management programs for contractor operations. Our management team includes individuals who have been involved in all aspects of the Transportation and Insurance Industries. Motor Carrier Management, Logistics, Financing, Administration, Insurance Carrier Program Management, TPA Services, Retail Agency Operations and MGA Program Management are all attributes of our management team.

The RISK mission is to assist our clients with protection of assets, manage risk and provide a platform for sustained growth.

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